A new website for Tjörns Kommun

The assignment was to crate a new design concept and to design a number of page templates for Tjörn municipality's new website, as well as for Sundsby's and Delta-Ung Fri Tids websites, which belongs to Tjörn municipality. Through developed user needs and workshops together with Tjörn, the needs and functions of the page templates were identified and prioritized for the new websites.

The site was launched on May 26, 2020. Check it out via the link to Tjörn municipality:

My role

My part as an Art Director in this project was to put together new colors, fonts and other graphic elements and then apply design to wire-frame sketches that me and the project's UX designer had made together. I had a great focus on accessibility requirements and the special user needs during the project. I have benefited from my knowledge of Sketch and design processes to be able to visualize their design proposals in a short time.