Serviceresan - Native App & Website

The assignment is a collaboration between the Gothenburg Traffic Office, Västtrafik, Örebro Länstrafiken, Hallandstrafiken and Region Västmanland. Many travel service travellers and their relatives experience insecurity with the transportation service. The current service developed in 2014 is to be further developed so that it is easy to follow travellers and vehicles throughout the journey to increase the safety of those affected. The effect goals that have been set are to reduce the number of journeys that are booked but not followed through, reduce the number of calls to the support and telephone bookings and thereby reduce the queue time, get more satisfied users through an attractive and secure customer meeting. The mission includes creating 5 new native iOS and Android apps, one per partner. As well as creating each website and good user interface for administrators. All solutions must comply with WCAG 2.1 AA.

My role

My role as an Art Director and Digital Designer in this project was to set the digital design and interaction for the new system together with the Interaction Designer/Accessibility Specialist and in a close collaboration with the customer. To apply graphic design in an effective way that is suitable for each region based on the Accessibility requirements and the graphic profiles. I have had a professional approach during the project where I worked efficiently and flexible in order to change design while new needs have arisen during the course of the project.

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