Mevia - Web design & Brand Manual

This was the second client project when studying at YRGO and we teamed up with startups from Chalmers Ventures. Our main goal was to create a graphic manual and a new web-design. For our part, it ended up with a re-design of their logo, brand manual, business card layout, paper layout, re-design of their website and marketing strategy.

After our research and meetings with the client, we came to the conclusion that the current ”tone of voice” they used could in the future corner them in one segment. With their unique product and technical skills they should see themselves more lika a tech company. We decided to re-design the website and gave it a more friendly look. We also discovered that they had named their API to MIA that we wanted to use more of in our design. We saw that the system they had built had the potential of being used as a companion by the users side that could help reminding the patients. So we designed MIA the companion.

My role

My role as an Digital Designer in this project was to set the digital design, illustrations and interaction for the new website. Together with my study partner we created a graphic manual for the costumer.


The old and the new logo



MIA the companion

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